Support students in spelling mastery through orthography, morphology, and etymology.

grade one students writing sentences on worksheets

Lessons are designed for grades two to four and have been structured for differentiation and include:

  • teacher resources
  • two word lists
  • natural progression from UFLI
  • explicit instruction in grapheme-to-phoneme correspondence
  • morphology matrices
  • “heart words” explained…

English spelling makes sense!

Video and audio spelling resources

These teacher resources are integral to using Spelliosity. This lesson demonstrates how we use orthography and morphology to spell <swapped>. We focus on <wa>, the doubling sufixing convention, and understanding suffix <-ed> as a meaningful unit (morpheme) and not just “sounds” (phonemes). Spelliosity in action!

Spelling Scope and Sequence

Our bundles have been released in an order that mirrors a practical Scope and Sequence; however, they have been designed for flexible usage and can be taught in any order.

Spelliosity aligns with UFLI

Spelliosity is an ideal transition for students who have completed UFLI lessons. UFLI and Spelliosity are both comprehensive guides that provide teachers with explicit instruction. Spelliosity is an excellent next step to UFLI’s explicit and systematic phonics program, as it supports spelling mastery through orthography, morphology, and etymology. Teachers will find this resource extends their students’ understanding of our spelling system, enhancing their reading and spelling.

A testimonial from Ms. D – Grade 1/2 teacher:
“I'm excited to share the positive impact Spelliosity has had in my grade 1/2 classroom. My grade 3 and 4 colleagues also use it and find it valuable. Serving as a natural progression from my UFLI phonics instruction, Spelliosity has seamlessly integrated into my program for students reading at and above grade level. The two word lists enable me to differentiate instruction with ease. The teacher guides have provided invaluable insights, enhancing my understanding of orthography and morphology. If you want to strengthen reading and spelling skills in your classroom, I highly recommend incorporating Spelliosity into your daily practice.”

new feature anchor charts for March release

Anchor charts!

We hope this new addition to our March release will enrich your teaching experience and inspire your students to explore spelling meaningfully.

December release

November release

  • LOVE these packages!

    These packages are great for teachers who are learning all about structured word inquiry/morphology/structured literacy but also helpful for those well on their way! I use them in class and for tutoring.

    The links and videos are very helpful if you need a visual!

    Michelle V.
    Grade 1 Teacher

  • Thank you Spelliosity

    I've noticed a big improvement in my Grade 4’s grasp of spelling patterns and morphology.

    What really sets Spelliosity apart is your ability to simplify complex concepts without sacrificing depth. The lessons strike the perfect balance, providing a solid understanding of orthography and morphology while keeping my students engaged.

    I'm grateful for this fantastic resource!

    Chris Grady
    Grade 4 Teacher

  • This is an amazing resource!

    I took the time to read through the instructions and have been slowly implementing them into my daily programming. My students are learning and super engaged!

    Grade 3 Teacher

  • Relevant, accessible and pedagogically aligned for students with hearing differences.

    I am a teacher of Students Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. This resource is relevant, accessible, and pedagogically aligned with teaching students with hearing differences. Morphological understanding is foundational to developing Language skills for students with hearing differences, and it benefits all students. The teacher guides are the icing on the cake, creating entry points and providing structure for lessons.

    Ama R.
    Specialist Teacher for Students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing-Itinerant

  • I am truly grateful for this amazing resource and its positive impact on my clients

    I cannot speak highly enough about how helpful Spelliosity is for my Speech and Language Pathologist work. The lessons offered by Spelliosity are an invaluable resource in supporting literacy & spelling skills for my clients and align seamlessly with my therapy goals.

    The engaging content has provided me with a structure to incorporate spelling patterns into my sessions. The clear explanations and range of examples offered by Spelliosity have proven to be really beneficial in making complex linguistic principles more accessible to my clients.

    I wholeheartedly recommend Spelliosity to my colleagues in the field. It has proven to be an excellent tool for empowering my clients to develop their literacy & spelling skills.

    Tamsin Atherton, M.Sc., S-LP(C)
    Speech-Language Pathologist
    Reg. CASLPO, PROMPT Cert.

  • Fantastic resource!

    Spelliosity, created by Shari Kudsia, is a fantastic site that offers resources to help students actively practice and apply the spelling conventions they have been taught. Shari is a passionate, experienced educator, and a valued contributor to our SyllaSense support material.

    Lee-Ann Lear
    Founder of Syllasense

Stay tuned for our next release!

<oa> and <ow>, <ea>, and learning when to use suffix <-er> vs <-or>.